Nowadays, Vietnamese auto industry is on strong growing impetus; auto
speed is increased. Meanwhile, road conditions have been improved a lot,
which shortens travel time, bringing economic benefits, but increasing traffic
accidents. In order to improve traffic accident matter, the study on auto
driving motion is necessary. This is the basis to evaluate the quality of auto
types when being imported to Vietnam, develop existing vehicles, and at the
same time to assess quality of auto types upon improving, assembling,
reforming use purpose and enhance safety while driving, contributing to
promoting the national economy and implementing the Government’s decrees
on traffic safety.
From such reality, the author has chosen the research theme relating to auto
driving motion, with the hope for contributing efforts to the traffic safety
matter as well as gaining knowledge of auto control and driving motion for
future works.
The thesis has obtained the objectives as follows:
- Analyzing factors affecting the auto rotation feature.
- Establishing auto physical vibration model on the 3 different surfaces, from
which defining the mathematical equation describing the auto general
vibration state, specifying road reactive forces on wheels and adhesion
coefficient of wheels on road.
- Surveying effects of braking torque distribution on different types of road.
- Surveying rotation feature of vehicle on dry and wet road with constant
Key words: Driving motion, rotation feature, vibration model, road reactive
force, adhesion coefficient.