The aims of thesis are research into Semantic Web Services, the approach by
Ontology Web Language for Service (OWL-S) and building the Semantic Matching
System, using open-source library OWLS-MX. Content of thesis includes chapters,
as follow:
Chapter 0: Abstract. Introduce the motivating and thesis content.
Chapter 1: Overview. This chapter introduces Web Services, Semantic Web
and Ontology, and Semantic Web Services. We will go thru the development
of SWS and details of its life-cycle.
Chapter 2: Semantic Web Services: A conceptual comparison of OWL-S,
WSMO and METEOR-S approaches. We study some popular approaches to
SWS, including OWL-S, WSMO and METEOR-S then compare them by all
parts in one life-cycle of a Web service.
Chapter 3: OWL-S - Semantic Markup for Web Services and automated
service discovery. In this chapter, we go deep into OWL-S, understand the
ontologies on the top level of OWL-S (including Profile, Process and
Grounding). And then, research technical of automated service discovery
based on OWL-S.
Chapter 4: Building Semantic Matching System. This chapter introduces
one open-source library that supports semantic matching based on both
reasoning based on logic and approximate matching based on syntactic IR
(Information Retrieval) based similarity computations. Hence, we build one
Semantic Matching System and run on the testing collection (including
ontologies, requests and services).
The last part is conclusion which specifies the achievements, challenges, and
advanced development of thesis.