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  • OER000000925.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Saei, Amir Ata; Beusch, Christian M; Sabatier, Pierre; Wells, Juan Astorga (2020)

  • Despite the immense importance of enzyme-substrate reactions, there is a lack of generic and unbiased tools for identifying and prioritizing substrate proteins which are modulated in the structural and functional levels through modification. Here we describe a high-throughput unbiased proteomic method called System-wide Identification and prioritization of Enzyme Substrates by Thermal Analysis (SIESTA). The approach assumes that enzymatic post-translational modification of substrate&...

  • OER000002673.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Sabatier, Pierre (2023)

  • Most drugs used in the clinic and drug candidates target multiple proteins, and thus detailed characterization of their efficacy targets is required. While current methods rely on quantitative measurements at thermodynamic equilibrium, kinetic parameters such as the residence time of a drug on its target provide a better proxy for efficacy in vivo. Here, we present Residence Time Proteome Integral Solubility Alteration (ResT-PISA) assay which provides monitor...