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  • OER000002920.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Saha, Kaushik (2021)

  • The specific recognition of splice signals at or near exon-intron junctions is not explained by their weak conservation and instead is postulated to require a multitude of features embedded in the pre-mRNA strand. We explored the possibility of three-dimensional structural scaffold of AdML – a model pre-mRNA substrate – guiding early spliceosomal components to the splice signal sequences. We find that mutations in the non...

  • OER000000724.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Saha, Kaushik; England, Whitney; Fernandez, Mike Minh (2020)

  • Recognition of highly degenerate mammalian splice sites by the core spliceosomal machinery is regulated by several protein factors that predominantly bind exonic splicing motifs. These are postulated to be single-stranded in order to be functional, yet knowledge of secondary structural features that regulate the exposure of exonic splicing motifs across the transcriptome is not currently available. Using transcriptome-wide RNA structural information we show that retain...