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  • OER000002579.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Sahil, Mohammad (2023)

  • Archetypal metalloenzyme Cytochrome P450cam (CYP101A1) catalyzes regiose- lective hydroxylation of its native substrate camphor in heme active site. However, the proposal of potential existence of additional substrate binding modes distal from the active site in P450cam and their concomitant roles in regulating recognition at active site have remained a matter of recurring discourse. Herein we report the discovery of a novel 3site state in ...

  • OER000002332.pdf.jpg
  • Journal Article

  • Authors : Sahil, Mohammad (2023)

  • Bacterial transcription initiation mainly occurs via two diverse RNA polymerases, namely 70 and 54. While 70 polymerase transcribes housekeeping genes and does not require any external activation to form transcriptionally competent open complex, the alternate polymerase 54 require regulatory proteins, typically AAA+ ATPases, that aid in converting the closed RNA polymerase complex to an active open state.1,2 External stimuli and enviro...