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  • Periodicals (Báo – Tạp chí)

  • Authors : Carvajal, Alan Rodriguez; Diaz, Carlos Gomez; Vogel, Antonia (2020)

  • The linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC) is the only known ubiquitin ligase that generates linear/Met1-linked ubiquitin chains. One of the LUBAC components, HOIL-1L, was recently shown to catalyse oxyester bond formation between the C-terminus of ubiquitin and some substrates.

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  • Journal Article

  • Authors :  Katzschmann, Anja (2023)

  • Affilin proteins (artificial binding proteins based on the ubiquitin scaffold) were generated using directed protein evolution to yield de‐novo variants that bind the extra‐domain B (EDB) of oncofetal fibronectin, an abundant tumor marker in fetal and neoplastic tissues. Structures of two EDB‐specific Affilin molecules reveal striking structural plasticity of the ubiquitin scaffold, characterized by β‐strand slippage, leading to diverse register shifts of ...