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  • OER000002929.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Middleton, A.J. (2021)

  • Transfer of ubiquitin to substrate proteins regulates most processes in eukaryotic cells. E2 enzymes are a central component of the ubiquitin machinery, and generally determine the type of ubiquitin signal generated and thus the ultimate fate of substrate proteins. The E2, Ube2k, specifically builds degradative ubiquitin chains on diverse substrates. Here we have identified protein-based reagents, called ubiquitin variants (UbVs), that ...

  • OER000002677.pdf.jpg
  • Journal article

  • Authors : Boom, Johannes van den (2023)

  • The AAA+ ATPase p97 (also called VCP, or Cdc48 in yeast) unfolds proteins and disassembles protein complexes in a myriad of cellular processes, but how a substrate complex needs to be loaded onto p97 by a dedicated substrate adapter and then disassembled by p97 has not been structurally visualized so far. Here we present cryo-EM structures of p97 in the process of disassembling a protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) complex by &#...