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  • Authors : Dhingra, Yukti (2023)

  • CRISPR-Cas adaptive immune systems uptake short ‘spacer’ sequences from foreign DNA and 8 incorporate them into the host genome to serve as templates for crRNAs that guide interference 9 against future infections. Adaptation in CRISPR systems is mediated by Cas1-Cas2 complexes 10 that catalyze integration of prespacer substrates into the CRISPR array. Many DNA targeting 11 systems also require Cas4 endonucleases for functional spacer acquisition. Cas4 selects...

  • Journal article

  • Authors : Dhingra, Yukti (2023)

  • Adaptation in CRISPR-Cas systems immunizes bacteria and archaea against mobile genetic 10 elements. In many DNA-targeting systems, the Cas4-Cas1-Cas2 complex is required for selection 11 and processing of DNA segments containing PAM sequences, prior to integration of these 12 “prespacer” substrates as spacers in the CRISPR array. We determined cryo-EM structures of the 13 Cas4-Cas1-Cas2 adaptation complex from the type I-C system that encodes st...