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  • Journal article

  • Authors : Harris, Noah J (2021)

  • Transport Protein Particle complexes (TRAPP) are evolutionarily conserved regulators of membrane trafficking, with this mediated by their guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) activity towards Rab GTPases. In metazoans evidence suggests that two different TRAPP complexes exist, TRAPPII and TRAPPIII. These two complexes share a common core of subunits, with complex specific subunits (TRAPPC9 and TRAPPC10 in TRAPPII and TRAPPC8, TRAPPC11, TRAPPC12, TRAP...

  • Ebooks (Sách điện tử)

  • Authors : Harris, Noah J (2023)

  • PI3Kγ is a critical immune signaling enzym 31 e activated downstream of diverse cell 32 surface molecules, including Ras, PKCβ activated by the IgE receptor, and Gβγ 33 subunits released from activated GPCRs. PI3Kγ can form two distinct complexes, with 34 the p110γ catalytic subunit binding to either a p101 or p84 regulatory subunit, with these 35 complexes being differentially activated by upstream stimuli. Here using a combinati...