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  • Journal article

  • Authors : Perdikari, Theodora Myrto (2023)

  • Numerous cell biology studies have used high concentrations of 1,6-hexanediol to dissolve membraneless organelles and disordered protein biomolecular condensates. Yet, little is known about how alkanediols effect liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS), and why certain alkanediol isomers are more effective. Here, we evaluate the effect of various alkanediols on the archetypal phase separating protein FUS. Low-complexity domain and full-length FUS LLPS is d...

  • Periodicals (Báo – Tạp chí)

  • Authors : Perdikari, Theodora Myrto; Murthy, Anastasia C; Ryan, Veronica H (2020)

  • Tightly packed complexes of nucleocapsid protein and genomic RNA form the core of viruses and may assemble within viral factories, dynamic compartments formed within the host cells. Here, we examine the possibility that the multivalent RNA-binding nucleocapsid protein (N) from the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) compacts RNA via protein-RNA liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) and that N interactions with host RNA-binding proteins are mediat...

  • Journal article

  • Authors : Ryan, Veronica H; Perdikari, Theodora Myrto; Naik, Mandar T (2020)

  • mRNA transport in neurons is a ubiquitous process but has been often overlooked as a contributor to disease. Mutations of transport granule protein hnRNPA2 cause hereditary proteinopathy of neurons, myocytes, and bone. Here, we examine transport granule component specificity, assembly/disassembly, and the link to neurodegeneration. hnRNPA2 transport granule components hnRNPF and ch-TOG interact weakly with hnRNPA2 yet they each partition specifically into hnRNPA2 liqui...