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  • Book

  • Authors : - (2021)

  • Illustrate the high diversity and potential for implementation of electrospun nanofibers in these fields, including the covering of a wide number of subtopics. Examples of these applications have included bioactive scaffolds, wound healing dressings, compound protective nanoreservoirs and sustained and controlled release systems. An important driver of these applications results from advances in materials science and new nanofiber manufacturing processes.

  • Book

  • Authors : - (2020)

  • The aim of this Special Issue is to publish high quality papers concerning poultry nutrition and the interrelations between nutrition, metabolism, microbiota and the health of poultry. Therefore, I invite submissions of recent findings, as original research or reviews, on poultry nutrition, including, but not limited to, the following areas: the effect of feeding on poultry meat end egg quality; nutrient requirements of poultry; the use of functional...