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Title: Leading Transformative Change Collectively: A Practitioner Guide to Realizing the SDGs
Authors: Petra Kuenkel
Elisabeth Kühn
Dominic Stucker
Keywords: kinh tế; Tổ chức phi chính phủ; Kinh doanh; công ty; Phát triển bền vững
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Routledge
Abstract: This book directly helps decision-makers and change agents in companies, NGOs, and government bodies become more proficient in transformative, collaborative change in realizing the SDGs. Chapter 1: will create an in-depth understanding of the emerging field of multi stakeholder collaborations in SDG implementation and explain different forms, purposes, levels, and dynamics in cross-institutional collaboration. It will also show whyvthe approach of leading transformative change collectively is paramount for SDG implementation, and explain the Collective Leadership Compass as a practical navigation toolvfor ensuring high quality collaboration in multi-stakeholder initiatives. Chapter 2: explains how leading transformative change collectively enhances the resilience of cross-sector dialogues, platforms, initiatives, and partnerships. It will introduce the process methodology of the Dialogic Change Model as a map for taking collaboration to success. Chapter 3: looks in more detail into how the achievement of results is linked to the capacity of people to enhance systems aliveness in multi-stakeholder collaboration...
Description: Ebook miễn phí tại trang
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