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Title: Viruses threatening stable production of cereal crops
Editors: Nobuhiro Suzuki
Takahide Sasaya
Il-Ryong Choi
Keywords: Vi rút trên cây ngũ cốc; Kháng vi rút; Tỉ lệ nhiễm vi rút
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Frontiers
Abstract: Provide and share the information which can contribute to advances in cereal virology by covering recent progresses in areas such as: 1) characterization of emerging viruses, 2) analyses of genetic and biological diversities within particular viruses, 3) development of experimental systems applicable to cereal viruses, 4) elucidation of the molecular interactions among viruses, vector organisms, and host plants, 5) identification of traits and genes linked to virus resistance in cereal crops, 6) development of novel genetic approaches for virus resistance, and 7) assessment of epidemiological factors affecting the incidences of cereal virus diseases. Synergistic integration of ideas from such areas under this research topic should help to formulate practical alternatives to the current management options for virus diseases in cereal crops.
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