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Title: Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence
Authors: Sadollah, Ali
Keywords: Mạng nơron; Hệ thống mờ; Lý thuyết mờ; Lịch sử xác suất; tính toán thông minh
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IntechOpen
Abstract: Computational intelligence (CI) is the philosophy, architecture, execution, and creation of cognitive paradigms that are biologically and linguistically driven. Neural networks, fuzzy systems, evolutionary computation, learning theory, and probabilistic methods are historically the five main pillars of CI. In this book, CI and the applicable nature of CI are highlighted by explaining different practical applications. This book starts with some applications of CI, and then proceeds with the usage of data mining in the field of CI. The book ends with some real-life and practical applications of deep learning in various fields of studies from video detection to patient disease.
Description: Ebook miễn phí tại trang
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