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Title: SpiNNaker - A Spiking Neural Network Architecture
Authors: Furber, Steve
Keywords: mạng máy tính; Mạng thần kinh; Mạng xoắn ốc; Kiến trúc mạng
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: springer open
Abstract: This book is the story of the first 20 years of this research programme, an outcome of which is the world’s largest neuromorphic computing platform ultimately incorporating a million processor cores, capable of modelling spiking neural networks of the scale of a mouse brain in biological real time. The mouse brain is around a thousand times smaller than, but in some senses otherwise very similar to, the human brain. So there is still a long way to go to deliver a realtime model of a full human brain, but SpiNNaker can support sophisticated and biologically-realistic models of substantial brain subsystems, albeit with the emphasis on the details of the network topology rather than the internal complexities of the individual neurons.
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