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Title: Globalization, Technological Advancement and the Traditional Library System: Implications for Information Utilization and Learning
Authors: Otolo, Patience Uzezi
Keywords: Thư viện truyền thống; toàn cầu hóa; công nghệ thông tin; hệ thống thư viện
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: Traditional libraries, technological advancement, use of libraries, globalization, information utilisation, learning, ICT, innovation Libraries are crucial part of teaching and learning in educational institutions. The emergence of technology and its incorporation into libraries have improved learning through a well strategized information management model. This has relegated series of antiquated routine practices of the traditional or conventional library. The innovative approaches to information resource utilization introduced by technology have significantly promulgated the relevance of libraries to educa-tion. This has also diversified the learning pattern of students and faculty and the management of scholarships within institutions of learning.
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