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Title: Advanced Modeling with the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox
Editors: Knut-Andreas Lie
Olav Møyner
Keywords: Khoa học Trái đất và Môi trường; Khoa học Địa chất; MATLAB
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Abstract: It introduces more advanced functionality that has been recently added to the open-source MRST software. It is however a self-contained introduction to a variety of modern numerical methods for simulating multiphase flow in porous media, with applications to geothermal energy, chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR), flow in fractured and unconventional reservoirs, and in the unsaturated zone. The reader will learn how to implement new models and algorithms in a robust, efficient manner. A large number of numerical examples are included, all fully equipped with code and data so that the reader can reproduce the results and use them as a starting point for their own work
Description: - Sách được tải miễn phí tại địa chỉ: - Bản quyền: CC-BYNC-ND 4.0
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ISBN: 9781009019781
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