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Title: Pension Finance and Management
Authors: rsinha, Rajeeva
Keywords: Tài chính; hưu trí; quản lý
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ECampusOntario
Abstract: Financing old age or pensions is a challenge for individuals and societies. Longevity has been rising across the world. More more relevant to retirement, life expectancy at age 60 has also been on the increase according to the World Health Organization. From a finance perspective there is another reason why we need to study pensions. Much of what we discuss in standard finance curriculum assumes an individual decision maker motivated by self interest and capable of utilizing all available information in its decisions. However, as Global Asset Tables show (Wills Towers Watson, 2018), most financial assets are managed in institutional settings where agency conflicts are typical. In an organizational or institutional setting multiple decision makers are involved in principal agent relationship where given their differing objective functions, agency conflicts will be pervasive. It is important that we explore how stylized decision rules of finance play out in an organizational setting.
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