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Title: A robust method for measuring aminoacylation through tRNA-Seq
Authors: Davidsen, Kristian
Keywords: aminoacyl hóa; tRNA-Seq; đo lường quá trình; hóa sinh
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: University of Washington
Abstract: Current methods to quantify the fraction of aminoacylated tRNAs, also known as the 8 tRNA charge, are limited by issues with either low throughput, precision, and/or accuracy. Here, we 9 present an optimized charge tRNA-Seq method that combines previous developments with newly 10 described approaches to establish a protocol for precise and accurate tRNA charge measurements. 11 We verify that this protocol provides robust quantification of tRNA aminoacylation and we provide 12 an end-to-end method that scales to hundreds of samples including software for data processing. 13 Additionally, we show that this method supports measurements of relative tRNA expression levels 14 and can be used to infer tRNA modifications through reverse transcription misincorporations, 15 thereby supporting multipurpose applications in tRNA biology.
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