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Title: Targeting Troponin C with Small Molecules Containing Diphenyl Moieties: Calcium Sensitivity Effects on Striated Muscle and Structure Activity Relationship
Authors: Hantz, Eric R.
Keywords: Troponin C; phân tử nhỏ; cấu trúc; có vân
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: bioRxiv
Abstract: Despite large investments from academia and industry, heart failure, which results from a disruption of the contractile apparatus, remains a leading cause of death. Cardiac muscle contraction is a calcium-dependent mechanism, which is regulated by the troponin protein complex (cTn) and specifically by the N-terminal domain of its calcium binding subunit (cNTnC). There is an increasing need for the development of small molecules that increase calcium sensitivity without altering systolic calcium concentration, thereby strengthening cardiac function. Here, we examined the effect of our previously identified calcium sensitizing small molecule, ChemBridge compound 7930079, in the context of several homologous muscle systems. The effect of this molecule on force generation in isolated cardiac trabeculae and slow skeletal muscle fibers was measured. Furthermore, we explored the use of Gaussian accelerated molecular dynamics in sampling highly predictive receptor conformations based on NMR derived starting structures. Additionally, we took a rational computational approach for lead optimization based on lipophilic diphenyl moieties.
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