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Title: Nanocontainer derived from silkworm carotenoprotein for carotenoid extraction and presentation in biotechnology and biomedical applications
Authors: Sluchanko, Nikolai N.
Keywords: Chất chứa; nano; carotenoprotein; tằm; chiết xuất; công nghệ sinh học
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: bioRxiv
Abstract: Found in many organisms, soluble carotenoproteins are considered as antioxidant 29 nanocarriers for biomedical applications, although the structural basis for their carotenoid 30 transfer function, a prerequisite for rational bioengineering, is largely unknown. We report 31 crystal structures of the Carotenoid-Binding Protein from Bombyx mori (BmCBP) in apo- and 32 zeaxanthin (ZEA)-bound forms. We use spectroscopy and calorimetry to characterize how 33 ZEA and BmCBP mutually affect each other in the complex, identify key carotenoid-binding 34 residues, confirm their roles by crystallography and carotenoid-binding capacity of BmCBP 35 mutants and reconstitute BmCBP complexes with biomedically-relevant xanthophylls lutein, 36 zeaxanthin, canthaxanthin and astaxanthin. By cost-effectively and scalably solubilizing 37 xanthophylls from various crude herbal extracts, His-tagged BmCBP remains monomeric 38 and forms a dynamic nanocontainer delivering carotenoids to liposomes and to other 39 carotenoid-binding proteins, which in particular makes the Orange Carotenoid Protein, a 40 promising optogenetic tool, photoactive.
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