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Title: Parallelization with Dual-Trap Single-Column Configuration Maximizes Throughput of Proteomic Analysis
Authors: Kreimer, Simion
Keywords: Song song hóa; cột đơn; bẫy kép; tối đa hóa; proteomic; thông lượng
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: bioRxiv
Abstract: Proteomic analysis on the scale that captures population and biological heterogeneity over hundreds to thousands of samples requires rapid mass spectrometry methods which maximize instrument utilization (IU) and proteome coverage while maintaining precise and reproducible quantification. To achieve this, a short liquid chromatography gradient paired to rapid mass spectrometry data acquisition can be used to reproducibly profile a moderate set of analytes. High throughput profiling at a limited depth is becoming an increasingly utilized strategy for tackling large sample sets but the time spent on loading the sample, flushing the column(s), and re-equilibrating the system reduces the ratio of meaningful data acquired to total operation time and IU. The dual-trap singlecolumn configuration presented here maximizes IU in rapid analysis (15 min per sample) of blood and cell lysates by parallelizing trap column cleaning and sample loading and desalting with analysis of the previous sample. We achieved 90% IU in low micro-flow (9.5 μL/min) analysis of blood while reproducibly quantifying 300-400 proteins and over 6,000 precursor ions.
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