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Title: Targeted hydrolysis of native potato protein: A novel route for obtaining hydrolysates with improved interfacial properties
Authors: Echers, Simon Gregersen
Keywords: Quá trình thủy phân; protein khoai tây; bản địa; chất thủy phân
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: bioRxiv
Abstract: Peptides and protein hydrolysates are promising alternatives to substitute chemical additives as 27 functional food ingredients. In this study, we present a novel approach for producing a potato 28 protein hydrolysate with improved emulsifying and foaming properties by data-driven, targeted 29 hydrolysis. Based on previous studies, we selected 15 emulsifier peptides derived from abundant 30 potato proteins, which were clustered based on sequence identity. Through in silico analysis, we 31 determined that from a range of industrial proteases (Neutrase (Neut), Alcalase (Alc), Flavorzyme 32 (Flav) and Trypsin (Tryp)), Tryp was found more likely to release peptides resembling the target 33 peptides. After applying all proteases individually, hydrolysates were assayed for in vitro 34 emulsifying and foaming properties. No direct correlation between degree of hydrolysis and 35 interfacial properties was found.
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