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Title: Co-translational folding of the first transmembrane domain of ABC-transporter CFTR is supported by assembly with the first cytosolic domain
Authors: Kleizen, Bertrand
Keywords: miền xuyên màng; CFTR vận chuyển ABC; lắp ráp; miền tế bào chất
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: bioRxiv
Abstract: ABC-transporters transport a wealth of molecules across membranes and consist of transmembrane and cytosolic domains. Their activity cycle involves a tightly regulated and concerted domain choreography. Regulation is driven by the cytosolic domains and function by the transmembrane domains. Folding of these polytopic multidomain proteins to their functional state is a challenge for cells, which is mitigated by co-translational and sequential events. We here reveal the first stages of co-translational domain folding and assembly of CFTR, the ABCtransporter defective in the most abundant rare inherited disease cystic fibrosis. We have combined biosynthetic radiolabeling with protease-susceptibility assays and domain-specific antibodies. The most N-terminal domain, TMD1 (transmembrane domain 1), folds both its hydrophobic and soluble helices during translation: the transmembrane helices pack tightly and the cytosolic N- and C-termini assemble with the first cytosolic helical loop ICL1, leaving only ICL2 exposed.
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