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Title: Sustainable Built Environment and Urban Growth Management
Editors: Wey, Wann-Ming editor
Keywords: Climate change; Biến đổi thời tiết; Environmental management; Quản lý môi trường
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: MDPI
Abstract: Nowadays, the sustainable built environment planning in most cities has come to a turning point as the growth in traffic and population has become a serious concern and put tremendous pressure on both the environment and people in these cities. It is therefore important to find new ways or lifestyles—such as compact city, transit-oriented development (TOD) formulations—that are more flexible, inclusive, and sustainable. Furthermore, for the sustainable built environment and urban growth management, not only should the growth management principles—which include smart growth, sustainable growth, and inclusive growth—be taken into account but innovative/smart planning strategies—such as mixed use design, green transport, and new urbanism—are also utilized in planning sustainable built environments in order to prevent the urban sprawl development that has occurred.
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ISBN: 9783039281862
ISSN: 9783039281879
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