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Title: Pentapeptide repeat proteins QnrB1 and AlbG require ATP hydrolysis to rejuvenate poisoned gyrase complexes
Authors: Mazurek, Łukasz
Ghilarov, Dmitry
Michalczyk, Elizabeth
Keywords: Proteins QnrB1; AlbG; ATP hydrolysis; Quá trình thủy phân ATP
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Nucleic Acids Research
Abstract: Activities of two such proteins, QnrB1 and AlbG in vitro. Each of them provided specific protection against its cognate toxin (fluoroquinolone or albicidin), which strictly required ATP hydrolysis by gyrase. Through a combination of fluorescence anisotropy, pull-downs and photocrosslinking we show that QnrB1 binds to the GyrB protein. We further probed the QnrB1 binding site using site-specific incorporation of a photoreactive amino acid and mapped strong and specific crosslinks to the N-terminal ATPase/transducer domain. We propose a model in which protective PRPs bind to the enzyme as T-segment DNA mimics to promote dissociation of the bound poison molecule.
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