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Title: Lagoon Environments Around the World
Editors: Andrew J, Manning,
Keywords: Lagoon Environment; Môi trường đầm phá; Marine biology; Sinh vật biển; Ecosystems; Hệ sinh thái
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IntechOpen
Abstract: Lagoon Environments Around the World - A Scientific Perspective covers a wide range of topics. Typically bordering between land and sea, lagoons are among the most diversely utilized waterways on the planet. Lagoons are extremely important environments socio-economically, and their usage places ever increasing stress on these very sensitive aquatic regions. The effective management of shallow aquatic environments requires a detailed scientific understanding of the various contributary natural processes. This has both environmental and economic implications, especially where there is any anthropogenic involvement. This book draws on international scientific research to examine the following lagoon related issues: classification, circulation hydrodynamics, ecosystems, sedimentation, anthropogenic stresses, and response to extreme events. The research was carried out by researchers who specialize in shallow water processes and related issues.
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ISBN: 9781789850963
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